4th July
Please note that we will be open from 11.30am to 5.00pm on 4th July. We will be open as usual throughout the weekend and again on 5th July. Have a wonderful Independence Day weekend!
Finally stocking extra British goodies

In our continuing effort to provide all our loyal customers with the best and most authentic Fish & Chip experience we have added some staple British groceries to bring you some more flavours from Britain. They're available at our shop alongside our very popular T-shirts and merchandise.

Check it out, and see what grabs your fancy! 

Hello to Keith and Nancy
A big hello to Keith and Nancy Carrigan who paid us a visit recently all the way from Alabama. It was great meeting you both and we'll make sure there's a supply of Ginger Beer on hand for that special birthday!
Justin and Sarah

Thanks to Justin and Sarah who came all the way from Ornage County, California to pay us a visit only to land in the middle of the Christmas blizzard!

Here's Justin with head chef Mat Arnfield and above the object of their visit - piping hot fish and chips (plus a nice cold pint of Boddington's).

Lino and Abdiel
Our reptuation seems to have travelled afar - here's a photo of Lino and Abdiel who came all the way from Panama to check us out. I don't think we've had anyone from Panama before so thanks for stopping by Lino.
When somebody travels all the way from Indonesia to try your food you know you must be doing something right! So a warm welcome to Alexis pictured here with head chef Mat and assistant John.
World Tour
Hi to Gordon Keir and his son Chris who visited us recently. Gordon, from Scotland, is on a grand tour of the world's five best fish and chip shops so naturally he had to pop in and check us out!
Hi to Tamara, originally from England but now living in North Carolina, who visited us recently with her mother, brother and sister and her niece. Thanks for popping in.
From North Carolina
Hello to Jolene and Mark Tibbens who visited us recently from North Carolina. Here they are pictured with Ginger Tibbens. Thanks for popping in, it was great seeing you.
All the way from Indiana
A warm welcome to Jim and Evelyn Garman and their granddaughter Evaline Collett. Jim and Evelyn spent Easter visiting their daughter Misti and husband Tom in New Jersey and decided to stop by for a spot of lunch. Here they are tucking into some of our fish and chips. It was lovely seeing you all.
Nicole's Sweet Tooth
Here's a photo of Nicole from My Sweet Tooth, CT, who dropped by during the summer and is pictured here with Mat, our head chef.
Shelly and Friends

Thanks to Shelly from Virginia for these great photos. Pictured top with Shelly are her friends Candice and Athena and our chef Neil.

Pictured below are Sherri, Olivea, Kieran, Shelly, Candice and our head chef Mat.

From the Windy City
Thanks to Paul who came all the way from Chicago to taste our fish and chips and to take this great photo. Here he is with Cody from NYC and one of our A Salt & Battery mugs.
Sleepless in Seattle
Many thanks to Troy Mandeville for this photo. Troy and his girlfriend flew all the way From Seattle after watching us on Throwdown. Now that's what we call dedication! It was great meeting you both.
Say Hello!
A big Hello to Sam, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda who came to check out our fish and chips. Here they all are saying hi to Mat our head chef.
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to Samantha and Aris who celebrated their birthdays last week by popping in for some fish and chips. It was great meeting you and we hope you had a lovely day.
Hello Maryland
Here's to Jennifer from Maryland who popped in over the New Year with her friend Dina. Thanks so much for popping in and also for the great photo.
Michael, Susan, Dan and Steve
Thanks to Michael, Susan  and Dan from Los Alamos, New Mexico, and their friend Steve from Rockford, llinois for this photo taken during their visit to in October. Pictured with them is our very own head chef, Mat.
More of our friends

Christy, who came all the way from Florida to visit us, sent us this photo. Here she is with Rob, our very own Cockney lad.

Thanks Christy

If you have any photos of your visit you'd like us to publish on the web site send them to us by email with your names and any comments.


More friends' photos

Here's a photo of Kelly Lansford on the right with her children, Bear, Eli and Katey, and Kelly's mother, famous LA newscaster, Kelly Lange, during their visit to New York in August. We loved meeting you all and we hope you had a wonderful time in New York.


And here's Katey, Eli and Bear proudly wearing their newly acquired A Salt and Battery t-shirts. 

and yet more friends
And a warm welcome to A Salt & Battery to Rick, Jill and Courtney Spain who travelled all the way from Toledo, Ohio to visit us this summer. It was a pleasure meeting you and we hope you enjoyed your trip to New York
More friends
Here's a photo of young Kent Angert proudly wearing his new AS&B t-shirt following a recent visit. Kent dragged his mother Erica all the way from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to see us in June of this year. Great to see you Kent.
And yet another satisfied customer
Ally and husband Alex visited us recently from Washington DC together with Ally's brother Kenny who came all the way from China. Not sure who's in the picture with Ally but we loved meeting you all and we hope to see you again soon.
Yet another satisfied customer
Here's Mat with Darren who, together with his wife, visited us all the way from St Louis. It was great meeting you Darren. Thanks for the photo
Another satistifed customer

Hello to another long-distance visitor - this time Lisy who visited us recently all the way from Puerto Rico. Here she is pictured with our very own Rob.

If you've got any photos of your visit you'd like us to publish on the web site send them to us by email with your names and any comments.

Email your photos here >>>

Bobby Flay return visit!
Guess who popped in for lunch recently? None other than master chef and TV star Bobby Flay. Knowing how good our food is (after all we did win when we were on the show) Bobby and several colleagues dropped by to re-aquaint themselves with our delicious fish and chips. Nice one, Bobby!
Another Satisfied Customer!

Thanks to Bob Rio and Scott Wagmeister from Miami who sent us these photos during their visit to New York in September. It was great meeting you both and we hope to see you again soon.

Nice one!



We've been ambushed

American TV chef Bobby Flay has a new show on the Food Network called 'Throwdown'. His mission - to challenge the absolute masters in one kind of cooking. In each episode, one of these cooks thinks Food Network is shooting their profile for the show. What they don't know is that Bobby is going to drop in for a surprise visit and challenge them to an unexpected cook-off in front of a live audience. At the end of the cook-off they bring in two surprise judges who then decide the winner.

And guess who won? WE DID of course!

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29th September 2016
In Search of Perfection
The chippy recently featured in Heston Blumenthal's culinary classic 'In Search of Perfection'. Blumenthal, owner of the Fat Duck, recently voted the world's best restaurant, says:

'Everything was gratifyingly familiar, everything triggered off fond memories [and] fryer Matt's attention to detail matched his surroundings. ...... 'He showed, once again, the lengths you have to go to achieve perfection'.

We are Winners

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